A Small Chunk of My Life

This is me.

Lynne Nelson

Are you ready for this? I am going to attempt to open my life up to you in about three hundred words. Of course it started out form me about the way it did for you-I was six lbs. and cried a lot. I guaranty that we differ after about my first two years of life though.  At the age of two my dad, who was a Captain in the Army, got a position that required us to move often, which enabled me to live in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Germany, California, and Utah.  By the time I was 11 my father retired from the Army and we relocated to beautiful, green Oregon. In Oregon it rains most of the year, just like the city in Germany in which our family resided. Germany offered us some magnificently tall mountains, youth in leaderhosen, castles, and lots of snow. Here are examples of the beauty there. I did not take these photo’s as I was 4 years old when we arrived and 6 when we departed. I credit Google for displaying them.

These apartments are in Frankfurt which is the city my family was stationed.


We moved 13 times in 11 years.  We became proficient at packing and labeling boxes.  My brother who was two years older then I, was my very best friend since we had to leave all the friends we made.  Below is scenery in Walla Walla Oregon.

lAaFCtUAs to my reason for attending Lane, I am in the Multimedia Design program.  I also plan to get my 1 year certificate of accomplishment in Website Design. I have learned a lot, made several friends, and I’m looking forward to another term. My goal is to become proficient in many areas of design so that I will have the ability to bring a lot to the table in the job market.


6 thoughts on “A Small Chunk of My Life

  1. Wow! Lots of travel at such a young age…hope you’ve been able to go back and explore those places as an adult. Walla Walla looks like Germany!…we don’t have to go far to see such beauty. Glad you’re in Media Arts and so active in blogging.


  2. Lynne,
    I always admire people who get the chance to experience different parts of the world. I hope to travel one day if my funds allow me to! I hope you are able to find a neat job you enjoy in the design world!


  3. You’ve lived in a lot of really neat places! Moving so much can be tolling, but sometimes it’s worth it! You have a lot of neat memories now and can say you’ve been to all these places 🙂 Spiffy!


  4. Great introduction! I also have moved around quite a bit. I also lived in Walla Walla when I was a boy and moved back to Oregon from Albuquerque a few years ago. ANOTHER army brat huh? Just kidding!


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