The Five Food Groups

My husband is a health nut and vegetarian who is constantly trying to get our college age girls to eat healthier food. When I saw that our class assignment was to make a video using the number five, I immediately contemplated using the five food groups as my theme, since the subject of food and nutrition is a consistently verbalized by my husband. For my “Fives” presentation I decided to have a slightly humorous slide show about the five food groups which wraps up with two college students elaborating—along with exaggerating, on their eating habits.

This slide show contains photographs of the five food groups, photo’s of convenient, nutrient empty foods, voice over, music, foley sounds, typography, and two videos. The computer programs that helped me to put this video together were iMovie, Audacity, and Photoshop. The music and animal sounds I utilized for my film clip came from iMovie’s sound library–the other foley sounds were of my own making though. Audacity is a simple yet effective sound capturing and editing program. Photoshop came in handy to alter and add typography to many of the photo’s that I took. iMovie’s sound altering feature were difficult to use because I couldn’t view what I was doing easily and the sounds wouldn’t line up exactly the way I wanted them to, but I managed to make it work in the end. I think I will try out a different video production program for my next project though.

This project was not an easy one for me as it is the first video with voiceover and music I have created. The learning curve was great, however, I found the final production results to be pretty close to what I initially envisioned. This project was very time consuming, somewhat addicting, and quite rewarding.


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