Good to Know–Media Art Locations at Lane

Have you ever heard the saying that you get a new wrinkle in your brain whenever you learn a new fact?  Well if that’s true…I got a new wrinkle in my brain doing this activity. I thought I was somewhat Media Arts savvy since I had all Media Art classes in building 17 last term, however the scavenger hunt assignment that our class was given to find specific locations on Lane’s campus proved me lacking. I’m glad I did this activity as I learned where quite a few locations are that I did not know a couple of weeks ago.                  20150409_151014

#1~ First on my list was Theresa Hughes office. As you can clearly see she has a lot of pictures on her door, which is great since she is a Media Arts instructor. I bet she has some gluten free cookies and cheese flavored pretzels in the top drawer of her desk. I’m glad she shares them with her students! Yum…need I say more?


#2~The studio with the Bright blue wall was easy for me to locate since I had two classes in that room Winter term. Photoshop pictures are much easier to edit if this blueness fills the background. There are also a lot of ceiling lights for us to use in that room. It creates a professional setting for photography.


#3~ Next is Lanes equipment checkout counter where we Media Arts students get to checkout Cannon T5i cameras (which are expensive), and recording devises. We learn how to use these tools and are required to use them so we can be professionals some day. I frequented this area last term. Matt is the expert behind this counter. It is beneficial that we get to use all this paraphernalia. The door looks a lot like Theresa’s office door because they are both located on floor one in building 17.


#4~Fourth on my list of places to find was the Main Art Gallery at Lane. I have not had classes in this building yet, but I did attend a Photography talk and display in that building so I found it easily.


#5~The Art-o-Mat was a new item to find. I have walked past it before but never even noticed it. It looks like a juke box from the 1960’s. It’s nice to know I can get some treats when I’m in a pinch. I’ll use my cell phone and headphones to hear some tunes though.


#6~The library is easy to find at Lane because there are signs and mock footsteps pointing students in it’s direction. I took a picture of intelligent looking statue heads which appear to be keeping watch over the books shelved around them.


#7~The large silver sculpture that is positioned outside of the Health and Wellness building is large and quite beautiful. Can you see my reflection while I took the picture in it? It’s really tiny.


#8~Mary Jo Kreindel is the Arts Division Office Specialist. That was information I did not know. A new wrinkle in my brain at this location.


#9~The bus stop is quite visible from the front of Lane Community College. I like the clock that was placed here



This is Christina Salter’s office. She is the counselor assigned to Media Arts so if you haven’t met her yet, you probably will. Her office is in Building 1 which is close to the bus station and has many brightly colored flags dangling off the high ceiling. I need to go and see Christina to figure out my schedule next term. Lane has great staff in the Media Department.

#12~The flags that decorate the ceiling in Building 1, otherwise known as the Students 1st Building, depict various countries and cultures. I believe they are a representation of Lane’s vales of embracing differences and inclusion.


And last but not least is the construction that seems to be never ending here at Lane. Even if we want to we can’t miss it! Anyone for dumpster diving?  It’s almost a straight shot down from the balcony.

20150408_185036 (1)