What Would Make the World a Better Place?

What Would Make the World a Better Place?

Sometimes I find myself contemplating what life would be like if I had chosen a different path, for every time we make a choice we omit other choices to pursue the one that seems most important. Life is full of so many decisions that seem somewhat insignificant at the time of choosing, however, they often shape who we become and our future. I have wondered if my life would have been much different had I stayed in school longer, participated more in politics, delved into a new religion, surrounded myself with another group of people, worked a different job, or lived in another country. Would life be any better if I lived in New York or Frankfurt? These are interesting questions but the fact is I am here right now because I chose to be. Is the world in the state it is right now because of the individual and collective choices all people on this planet have made? Which leads me to my next question, what would make the world a better place to live? If you follow the news you know that many people have strong opinions on this subject, some want a different President for the US, different labeling of food, more school funding, and the list goes on and on. With all these voices and opinions it seems finding the solution is often confusing. I believe there are simple actions we each can do to make the world a better place to live in. Follow the Golden Rule, treat others as you would have them treat you, share your time and goods, and speak kindly of others are a few of them. I created this short video to see what others thought would make the world a better place. This clip contains a touch of humor along with some serious statements. I was pleased to record some nuggets of wisdom as well. The part of this assignment that I enjoyed the most was hearing the people in my family express their views, rather they were joking or serious. I used a variety of computer programs to create this short film. The illustrations I drew up using Adobe tools, the video’s were captured on my laptop and cell phone, voice over was recorded with Audacity, and iMovie is the program I utilized to put it all together. All the items are my creations except one—the only item I “borrowed” for this assignment was the music, which I found on iMovie. All and all I enjoyed doing this video, although I struggled with the videography. I also found that fine-tuning the video was very time consuming. I hope you enjoy seeing my short little masterpiece!